Srijal Maharjan Verified Host
0 KM from airport
0 KM from downtown
Private Room
Vacation Rental
Guests allowed [ 1 ] Guest
Bedroom 1
Shared Bathroom 2
Private Bathroom 2
Area 150 Sq.m
Built Year 2008

Apartment Description


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Reviews (2) 9.3 Excellent

Amenities 9.0
Cleanness 9.5
Communication 9.0
Property Location 9.5
Value For Money 9.0
Friendly Host 9.5
Calmness In Property 9.0
Peaceful Community 9.5
Comfort 9.0
Safety 9.5

Host Info

srijal maharjan
Srijal Maharjan Joined in Jul 2023 7.8 Good
Verified Host
About Me

A hair's breadth of pleasure

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Host Language: Arabic, Georgian, Hassaniya, Carolinian, Norwegian, Chinese, Tswana, Khmer, Norwegian Bokmål, Urdu, Lithuanian, Korean , Bislama, Northern Sotho, Swazi, Xhosa, Maltese, Belarusian, Norfuk, Jamaican Patois, Upper Guinea Creole, Luxembourgish, Chibarwe, Khoisan, Ndu, Tonga, Fiji Hindi Response rate: 55.88% Contact Host

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